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Expand Connectivity to HIE

Gap Analyses

The Gap Analysis is an evaluation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system capability of health care organizations, interface ability of the EHR system, and the data transmitted within those interfaces. Conducting the ACO Gap Analysis created a baseline determination of the ability of health care organizations to produce Year 1 Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial Shared Savings ACO Program quality measure data. The Vermont Care Partners (VCP) Gap Analysis is evaluating data quality among the 16 designated and specialized service agencies. Finally, the DLTSS Gap Analysis was conducted to review the technical capability of
DLTSS providers statewide. This work stream is complete as of December 2015.

Gap Remediation

The Gap Remediation project addresses gaps in connectivity and clinical data quality of health care organizations to the Health Information Exchange. The ACO Gap Remediation project improves the connectivity and data quality for all Vermont Shared Savings Program measures among ACO member organizations. The Vermont Care Partners (VCP) Gap Remediation will improve the data quality for the 16 Designated Mental Health and Specialized Service agencies (DAs and SSAs).

Data Extracts from HIE

This project provides a secure data connection from the VHIE to the ACOs analytics vendors for their attributed beneficiaries. Allows ACOs direct access to timely data feeds for population health analytics.