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Strategic Plan

Vermont contracted with JBS International to develop a Statewide Telehealth Strategy to guide future investments in this area. The Strategy, developed in collaboration with the State of Vermont and private sector stakeholders, includes four core elements: a coordinating body to support telehealth activities; alignment of state policies relevant to telehealth; telehealth technology investments that are secure, accessible, interoperable, cloud-based, and aligned with Vermont’s HIT infrastructure; and clinician engagement. The Strategy also includes a Roadmap based on Vermont’s transition from volume-based to value-based reimbursement methodologies to guide prioritization of telehealth projects and their alignment with new clinical processes adopted as payment reform evolves. This project is complete.


Vermont is funding pilot projects that can address a variety of geographical areas, telehealth approaches and settings, and patient populations over a 12-month time period. The primary purpose is to explore ways in which a coordinated and efficient telehealth system can support value-based care reimbursement throughout the State of Vermont. Projects were selected in part based on demonstration of alignment with the health reform efforts currently being implemented as part of the SIM Grant process.