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Accountable Communities for Health

This effort seeks to align programs and strategies related to integrated care and services for individuals with community-wide prevention efforts to improve health outcomes within a geographic community. The first phase of this work focused on research to further define the Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) model and identify core elements. The second phase of Vermont’s Accountable Communities for Health work brought together multi-disciplinary teams from communities across the state to further explore how this model might be implemented and develop community capacity; this effort is known as the ACH Peer Learning Lab. The ACH Peer Learning Lab supports participating communities in increasing their capacity and readiness across the nine core elements of the ACH model through a curriculum that utilizes in-person and distance learning methods to support peer learning, as well as community facilitation to support each community’s development; the project will result in a report that documents findings and lessons learned, and includes recommendations to inform future State decision-making, focusing on what infrastructure and resources are needed at the community/regional level and the State level.

ACH Peer Learning Lab Curriculum

ACH Peer Learning Lab Curriculum Appendix

ACH Peer Learning Lab Final Report

ACH Peer Learning Lab Evaluation Report