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All-Payer Model

Vermont continues to explore an All-Payer Model. An All-Payer Model will build on existing all-payer payment alternatives to better support and promote a more integrated system of care and a sustainable rate of overall health care cost growth. Value-based payments that shift risk on to health care providers and that are aligned across all payers encourages collaboration across the care continuum and can result in better health outcomes for Vermonters. Through the legal authority of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB), the state can facilitate the alignment of commercial payers, Medicaid, and Medicare through a Medicare waiver. Over time, a Medicare waiver may also allow the GMCB to govern rates, on an all-payer basis, for those providers who elect not to participate in an ACO. To move away from FFS, the state will apply the Next Generation ACO payment model across all payers. The focus on the ACO and existing CMS ACO programming, along with Vermont’s strong stakeholder network, SIM investments, and the current SSP program, is a timely and realistic evolution of Vermont’s multi-payer reform. Eventually, an integrated ACO in Vermont could attract and involve the vast majority of people, payers, and providers.