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Big picture

Keeping Track of the Big Picture

This involves ongoing evaluation of investments and policy decisions. The evaluations occur by program, by population, and by region to ensure that we are not causing unintended consequences.


Creating and Implementing Value-Based Payments

Vermont's payment model design activities are performed on a multi-payer basis as much as possible.

Sharing records

Sharing Medical Records

Health data exchange and measurement capabilities will be increasingly important for future payment and care delivery models.

Work groups

Breaking the Project into Manageable Tasks

Breaking the Project into Manageable Tasks


Enabling Provider Readiness

VHCIP's care delivery activities are designed to enable provider readiness to participate in alternative payment models and accept higher levels of financial risk and accountability.

Areas of focus image

Specific Tasks to Acheive the Triple Aim

Vermont has launched multiple projects in the following focus areas: Health Data Infrastructure, Payment Model Design and Implementation, and Practice Transformation.

Care Models and Care Management

The Care Models and Care Management (CMCM) Work Group examined current or planned care management programs and care delivery models.The group recommended mechanisms for assuring greater consistency and/or coordination across these programs and models in terms of service delivery, financial incentives, quality measurement or other key model or program components.  The goal to maximize effectiveness of the programs and models in improving Vermonters’ experience of care, reducing unnecessary costs and improving health, and minimizing duplication of effort or inconsistencies between the models.