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Health Care Workforce


To achieve the goals of the VHCIP, Vermont needs a robust health care workforce.  This Work Group gathers data to assess supply and demand, and to determine the appropriate number and types of health care professionals will be necessary.  The Work Group first analyzes the data, then uses it to develop, recruit, and retain the workforce needed.  This work engages the entire health care and educational community, including state entities and external stakeholders. 

The Health Care Workforce Work Group is charged with:

  • Planning and directing statewide health workforce initiatives and activities
  • Monitoring health workforce trends and needs in Vermont
  • Developing strategic objectives that state government and stakeholders could pursue
  • Advising the State on how to develop short and long-term supply, demand, and performance measures to gather information needed for workforce development and investment
  • Researching and recommending public and private opportunities for funding health workforce initiatives