Quality and Performance Measures

The Quality and Performance Measures (QPM) work group worked to build on the work of the ACO Quality and Performance Measures Work Group, and recommended standardized measures used to:

  • Evaluate the performance of Vermont’s payment reform models relative to state objectives;
  • Qualify and modify shared savings, episodes of care, pay for performance, and health home payments; and
  • Communicate performance to consumers through public reporting.

The overarching goal of quality and performance measurement was to focus health care reform and quality improvement efforts to control growth in health care costs, improve health care, and improve the health of Vermont’s population.

The work group’s deliverables included recommendations on consolidated and standardized sets of all-payer quality and performance measures to be used to indicate improvements in performance, monitor adherence to quality standards, and qualify and modify payments to providers or provider organizations.  When possible, the focus was on nationally accepted measures that could be benchmarked.  As needed, the work group made recommendations regarding data resources for proposed measures, troubleshooting measurement barriers, and supporting measurement issue resolution. 

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