Health Information Exchange

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) work group strived to:

  • Identify the desired characteristics and functions of a high-performing statewide information technology system.
  • Explore and recommend technology solutions to achieve SIM’s desired outcomes.
  • Guide investments in the expansion and integration of health information technology, as described in the SIM proposal, including:
    • support for enhancements to EHRs and other source data systems
    • expansion of technology that supports integration of services and enhanced communication, including connectivity and data transmission from source systems such as mental health providers and long-term care providers
    • implementation of and/or enhancements to data repositories
    • implementation of and/or enhancements to data integration platform(s)
    • development of advanced analytics and reporting systems

The group also advised the development of the state’s health information technology plan with regard to the above activities and expenditures.

The HIE work group was responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding the HIE work plan.
  • Recommendations on expenditure of SIM funds to support HIT investments.
  • Recommendations on coordination of HIT/HIE related efforts across various agencies and organizations.
  • Recommendations on prioritization of new initiatives such as EHR installations, interfaces, and other investments.

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